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George Street Studios
Kent Town

Exciting things happening... 

As many of you know, for over 25 years George Street Studios has been a creative hub and home to a number of Adelaide based, industry-leading makers, artists, and designers. Through our studio tenancy opportunities, we have developed a community of multidisciplinary craftspeople who share their knowledge and experience in a way that makes George Street truly unique.

In addition to a well established focus on public art, furniture, and fabrication for creative industries, George Street Studios, in collaboration with partner institutions Helpmann Academy and Adelaide Fringe Festival, provides resources and mentoring to emerging artists. In doing so we endeavour to foster an environment where artists are empowered to bring concepts to fruition and develop skills that are relevant to their practice.

We have recently relocated, upscaled, and are in the process of reinventing. You can expect a new name, and a fresh look, but we are the same old gang of metal workers, artists, and designers as before (plus some friendly new faces).


For commissions, enquiries, design services, or to find out about our residency programs please contact us via the form below. 


Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to sharing what we've been up to! 


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